Monday, June 20, 2005

Heinrich Bullinger I

Currently reading Architect of the Reformation: An Introduction to Heinrich Bullinger, 1504-1575, edited by Bruce Gordon & Emidio Campi (Baker, 2004).
Heard of Bullinger in my previous reading, but his was just a name mentioned as a possible connection to Covenant Theology(CT). In my (ongoing) research of CT, I initially pursued Voetius and Coecceius, after obtain a few volumes of Witsius; the triumvirate of Latinized 17th Century reformed scholastics whom I understood (at the time) to be the continental formulators of CT.
I could not obtain either V or C, so I contented myself with Witsius and Bullinger's name receded to the back of my mind. Untilthat is, I read through McNeill's The History and Character of Calvinism (OUP, 1955), and learned a little bit more about Bullinger. Of all his contemporaries (incl. Calvin), I thought Bullinger could be the best well-rounded (pastor, theologian, author, etc.).
My attempts to discover/obtain Bullinger - in print - led me to Ryan Glomsrud's outline of Decades on Scott Clark's Westminster site. Through correspondence, Clark informed me that he was looking into getting Decades back into print.
Subsequently, I picked up Cornelis Venema's Heinrich Bullinger and the Doctrine of Predestination: Author of "the Other Reformed Tradition"? (Baker, 2002) - which, I must admit, I have yet to read!
Then, late in 2004, I received Reformation Heritage Book's latest Catalog which announced the scheduled publication of Bullinger's Decades in two volumes. Almost immediately Iarranged to order it, and it arrived in late April this year. At the same time I acquired the Gordon/Campi title.
Well, the Decades are still in shrink wrap, and I am currently trying to introduce myself to Bullinger via the myriad essays in Architect of the Reformation.

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