Monday, July 04, 2005


This post will exempt/absolve me from everything. :-)

My education: High School Diploma with a few college courses. Therefore, I am not an expert on anything. I am not a scholar, and my opinions, observations, and analyses – whatever they may be – carry no weight (or, ecclesiastical authority) beyond that which you, Dear Reader, may invest in them. I am, merely, what is commonly referred to as ‘an interested lay-person.’
The contents of this weblog are primarily for my own benefit. Selfish?…Probably! I write this as both a journal of my thoughts/reading and as instrument whereby I might hone what little craft I have with writing.
Any spiritual enlightenment or benefits that readers might derive are putatively and providentially that: spiritual. That is, I will deny my own inherent ability/will, and credit the Holy Spirit.
Besides these, the usual caveats apply. Links, Resources, and Persons are endorsed only insofar as they are reflect and conform to revelational verity of Scripture.

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