Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Gospel of Judas?

The recent release of a spurious gnostic text known as The Gospel of Judas has caused a minor tempest.

Discussions over the Easter release-date - as The Da Vinci Code, and other Gospel-attacking material has also been released in the past - are being held on various group's e-lists.

But, The Gospel of Judas is so dominated by a gnostic worldview, and informed by platonism, Jewish mysticism, and pre-Manichean motifs, that it can have no serious impact on on the Canon, esp. as seen by Christians. Irenaeus dealt with centuries ago, as did other Fathers over similar heretical movements.

Here [ht to John Barach on ref-net] is a scathing review (primarily of National Geographic's disingenuousness) of the recent publication of The Gospel of Judas by Bruce Chilton, certainly no conservative evangelical scholar, but helpful (if I must descend to such a comparison) in the manner that N. T. Wright is - ie: Handle Me With Care (for all you Lynne-ites out there).

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