Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wrighting More Wrongs?

The Anglican Bishop N.T.Wright has been dismissed by the orthodox Reformed, in the past, for his association and promulgation of the so-called New Perspective(s) on Paul, his - following - misunderstanding of Justification, his warped view of 2nd Temple Judaism (ie: covenantalism), and his ecumenical accommodations. Now (although previously nascent) we can add his unorthodox view of an intermediate state. Will this lead to an accommodation with the heretical papist concept of purgatory?

Awaiting the fall-out as others begin reviewing his latest HarperOne effort Suprised By Hope .
See this World Net Daily article
here, and Midwest Christian Outreach commentary here.

I, especially appreciate the words of the Publisher's Weekly review qouted on Amazon:
No one can doubt his erudition or the greatness of the churchmanship of the Anglican Bishop of Durham. One wonders, however, at the regular citation of his own previous work. And no other scholar can get away so cleanly with continuing to propagate the "hellenization thesis," by which the early church is eventually polluted by contaminating Greek philosophical influence.
There, Schlissel, are put to rest regarding the overblown "hellenization thesis!"

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